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Processed foods often have hidden GM sources (unless they are organic or declared non-GMO). The following are ingredients that may be made from GMOs.

Aspartame (also called AminoSweet®, NutraSweet®,
Equal Spoonful®, Canderel®,  BeneVia®, E951)
baking powder
canola oil (rapeseed oil)
caramel color
citric acid
cobalamin (Vitamin B12)
condensed milk
confectioners sugar
corn flour
corn masa
corn meal
corn oil
corn sugar
corn syrup
cottonseed oil
food starch
fructose (any form)
glutamic acid
glycerol monooleate
high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
hydrogenated starch
hydrolyzed vegetable protein
inverse syrup
invert sugar
lactic acid
malt syrup
malt extract
milk powder
milo starch
modified food starch
modified starch
mono and diglycerides
monosodium glutamate (MSG)
oleic acid
phytic acid
protein isolate
soy flour
soy isolates
soy lecithin
soy milk
soy oil
soy protein
soy protein isolate
soy sauce
stearic acid
sugar (unless specified as cane sugar)
teriyaki marinades
textured vegetable protein
tocopherols (vitamin E)
vegetable fat
vegetable oil
vitamin B12
vitamin E
whey powder
xanthan gum

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) although usually derived from corn, is probably not GM because it is not likely made in North America.

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Talented African Boy Playing The Guitar

White Spots on Black Folks' Skin

• Melanin deficiency (internal organ use external melanin)
• Mineral deficiency
• Sunlight deficiency (sunlight helps retain minerals, pH level, electrolytes, produce melanin)
• Cellular and food waste constipation
• Body too acidic to use nutrients
• Unable to metabolize food properly (digestion too fast, stomach skin thick, colitis, etc.)
• Retention of waste in body due to salt addiction
• Lymph gland congestion
• Excessive sex or sex stimulation
• Loud sounds (Noise Pollution)
• Toxic liver
• Body too acidic to use nutrients
• High blood pressure' stress, cyst, tumors
• High blood pressure' stress, cyst, tumors
• Cracking fingernails
• Waste in uterus, waste in Prostate
• Menstruation Problems
• Mental and thought Problems
• Micronage of cells

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Nutritional Healing: Holistic Fruit Smoothies To Replenish The Digestiv...

Nutritional Healing: Holistic Fruit Smoothies To Replenish The Digestiv...: Candy Sweet: • 1 Red Apple • 1/3 cup Cranberries • 1/3 cup Blackberries • Almond Milk • 2 tsp Bee Pollen • 1/8 Flax Seed...

Holistic Fruit Smoothies To Replenish The Digestive System

Candy Sweet:
• 1 Red Apple
• 1/3 cup Cranberries
• 1/3 cup Blackberries
• Almond Milk
• 2 tsp Bee Pollen
• 1/8 Flax Seeds
• A piece of aloe plant
• ¼ tsp Herbal cleanse

Mango Lovers:
• 1 Mangoe
• 1 Banana
• 2 tsp Bee Pollen
• Half of Ginger
• 2 tsp Hemp seeds
• A piece of aloe plant
• ¼ Herbal cleanse
• Your choice of milk base

Banana Mama:
• 1 Banana
• 1/8 cup Flax seed
• 2 tsp Hemp seeds
• Half of Ginger
• Whole grain Oats
• ½ tsp Cinnamon
• A piece of aloe plant
• ½ tsp pumpkin seeds
• Vanilla Extract
• Almond Milk

• Half of Pineapple
• 1/3 cup Blueberries
• 1/3 cup Blackberries
• 2 tsp Hemp seeds
• 2 tsp Bee pollen
• ¼ tsp Herbal cleanse

Friendly Fruits:
• 1/3 cup Strawberries
• 1 Banana
• 1/3 cup Blueberries
• Half of Ginger
• 2 tsp Bee Pollen
• 2 tsp Flax seeds
• ¼ Herbal cleanse

Antioxidant Berry delight:
• 1/3 cup Blackberries
• 1/3 cup Blueberries
• 1/3 cup Strawberries
• 2 tsp pumpkin seeds
• 2 tsp Flax Seeds
• A piece of aloe plant
• ¼ Herbal cleanse

*Apply flax seed oil in cup before inserting smoothies.
*Measurements are for 8 oz.

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Nutritional Healing: Leo Horoscope for August 2011

Nutritional Healing: Leo Horoscope for August 2011: "Leo (July 23- August 22) Your August Horoscope by Susan Miller As you enter August, you're feeling exceptionally optimistic, and for ..."

Leo Horoscope for August 2011

Leo (July 23- August 22)

Your August Horoscope by Susan Miller

As you enter August, you're feeling exceptionally optimistic, and for good reason. The new moon in Leo, which occurred on July 30, was unusually beautiful, with the Sun and new moon entering your new birthday year arm-in-arm with the love planet Venus.

Moreover, at the same time as the new moon, Mercury, now in your second house of earned income, sent a glimmering beam to Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in your house of fame and honors. At the same time, Mercury and Jupiter sent equally encouraging beams to powerful Pluto, in your sixth house of assignments. As you see, this golden triangle linked your day-to-day projects to excellent salary and to applause and skyrocketing professional reputation - wow! When it comes to career, you are on fire!

A golden triangle in the heavens is the most harmonious shape possible. You will find that all the career energy of the July 30 new moon is still very strong as August opens. To understand how important a new moon can be, just think: a new moon only comes once a year. The better that new moon, the better your year ahead will be. Last year's birthday new moon was somber, serious, and a little lackluster, while this one shines. You really do have a lot to look forward to this birthday year!

This new moon of July 30 will be doubly powerful for you if your birthday falls within five days of this date, but all Leo will have something to cheer about. It looks like opportunities will be popping up like sunflowers, so you will want to investigate all that's being offered.

When it comes to career, there will be a gentle, but quite special aspect on Thursday, August 18, linking your career (Jupiter) to confidential talks (Mars), so see what happens on this day. It could deliver some good news, perhaps a breakthrough on something you can follow up on.

Mercury will go retrograde from August 2 to 26, and that will put your plans on hold for a month. Mercury is the planet of communication and commerce, so it will be a slow time that will allow you to catch your breath. Actually, however, because June and July were so action packed, with three eclipses arriving in a row, most people (not only Leo) coped with dramatic news and swift moving events. News of a quiet month where you can follow your own agenda without disruption might sound very good indeed.

It would not be wise to take a new position in August, nor to make any big initiations. When you hear the words "Mercury retrograde" it is a signal that all sorts of elements are currently changing direction, but you won't be able to see which direction things are heading for a while. This makes for a very bad time to make decisions because your criteria would be based on the past, not the future, and so you may later say, "If I had only known what was around the next corner?." For example, you could take a job with a boss you admire, only to discover he is leaving almost the minute you get there - and a tyrant takes his place. Things like this happen during Mercury retrograde, and there are lots of possible examples.

If you are in the middle of important talks, do not press anyone for answers - let nature take its course, and deliberately try to slow down the process. Any deal you make while Mercury is retrograde would not be one you'd want to keep.

You may be very forgetful this month, so make a conscious effort to keep track of all your belongings. You might want to back up your cell phone and computer, and put your business card in the cases that hold your eyeglasses, sunglasses, computer, smartphone, digital camera, iPad, and other beloved items. Do not buy any new electronic items or machines with moving parts in August. (This is true even if you are going off to college and need a laptop - borrow or rent one for now!) You are likely to regret the purchase later, for any number of reasons.

Mercury will be in Leo during most of the time it will be out of phase, so you may feel this particular period more than most. As said, however, you may welcome a quiet month. September will be a good, strong month, and you will want to be ready for it. Rest while you can!

Let's talk for a moment about the recent three eclipses of June and July. The first one, June 1, was encouraging, so when you think about that one, you probably only have happy things to report. You may have met a new friend, or you may have seen a certain friend go out of his or her way to help you.

The mood became more serious when the second eclipse arrived, June 15. That June 15 eclipse emphasized a love relationship, so you may have had to make a decision about the person you were dating, in a good sense or a more serious way. Or, a question may have arisen pertaining to a pregnancy or how to help a child you have now. If you are not dating, you may have met someone new, or focused on a creative project. If no news came up at the time, you may have heard something near July 26 when Mars opposed the precise degrees of that eclipse, 23 degrees Sagittarius.

Then the July 1 eclipse came by, and you may have had to help a relative or friend in the hospital, or you may have attended to a physical or even a mental health concern of your own. If you did not feel any news near July 1, you may still get news on August 16-17, when Mars will reach 9 degrees Cancer. That's a day you may want to keep fairly open and flexible, just in case others need you.

Tension will be high prior to this full moon, on August 11, because coincidentally, Mars and Pluto will be meeting toe-to-toe during this same week, bringing pressures to a high point at the office. Things are reaching a boiling point near August 16-17, when Mars reaches the same degree as the eclipse, July 1. There may be political intrigue going on among certain co-workers, and should this to be the case, their behind-the-scenes maneuvering may unnerve you. Be careful not to take out work-related frustrations on those at home - they are on your side.

A close romantic or business relationship will be the subject of your attention at the full moon, August 13, when the full moon will brilliantly light serious commitments. Neptune will be very close to that full moon. This suggests that the full moon will illuminate something you didn't know but need to know to understand the relationship better. It may shock you, or it may surprise you in a good way. See what comes up, but money seems to form part of the discussion. I like that Saturn will be very supportive to that full moon, so if you have to iron out anything, you would have the ability to foster a stable situation.

Alternatively, Neptune's position might indicate that you will have a highly romantic weekend, August 13-14, which would be a nicer way to experience this full moon. It could be breathtaking!

Of course, with a full moon in a committed relationship sector, there is always a possibility for a breakup, but let's think positive - this one is not a difficult one, so there's no reason for me to think that.

If you were born on or near August 13, plus or minus four days, you will feel this new moon more powerfully than most.

Are you single? Venus entered Leo on July 28 and will remain in your sign until August 21, making for a wonderful time to improve your appearance with a visit to the salon or spa for a hair trim, massage, or other treatment to make you feel and look like a million dollars. Save radical changes to your looks for early September, for with Mercury in retrograde, if you change your hairstyle or color or if you are a man, shave off your beard, I want you to love the changes you make. No plastic surgery while Mercury is retrograde! In the meantime, Venus will help to bring out your charms so if you are invited to a mixer during those dates, do go.

Your most romantic evenings, whether you are single or attached include: August 3, 4, 7, 12, 13 (these two days, 12 and 13 are wild cards), 18, 22, 23, and 26-27 (gold stars). On Saturday, August 27, the moon will be in Leo, so go ahead and plan a pampering, luxurious event. You deserve it.

Finances will do really well at the new moon August 28, for again, you have an out-of-this-world new moon. Don't get too used to these - they are very rare! We have to count our blessings this month! This new moon will help you to find ways to earn more money. What makes this new moon so special is that the Sun and Venus will signal Jupiter in your house of fame and Pluto in your house of work projects. When it comes to career, you do no wrong! Now, for the first time in a long time, you can begin to be paid well for your services.

Speak up for a raise, or negotiate for a new position on or just after August 28. You will see, people will want you in their corner.

As a Leo, finances troubled you over the past few years quite a bit, for every time you felt that things were stabilizing, something would happen to make you worried that things would never be secure. Now you will see you have entered a whole new realm, and better days are due, dear Leo.

On Monday, August 29, you have Venus and Jupiter combining forces to help you, and it's a wow of a day for your career! Applause, reward, praise - all will be heaped on you. What a way to end the month!


You will begin August in very high spirits. It's birthday time, and the new moon in Leo, which occurred just two days prior to the start of the month, will be divine for you and will help materialize a wish very dear to you. Your generosity to others in the past will be repaid now, for others are grateful and will want to show you how highly they hold you in esteem. If you have a special goal that you need help to achieve, ask, and you'll get the advice and assistance you need. Still, don't be too anxious to get things going quickly, as with Mercury retrograde from August 2 to 26, it is not the time to finalize any contract or costly purchase.

Instead, reconnect with friends and relatives from your past, and revisit plans made that had to be put aside for lack of time or money. You may be able to get them back on track. New projects are a different story - for those, you need to cool your jets and wait.

With Mars moving into your twelfth house of secrets and confidential matters from August 3 to September 16, you will be in strategic mode. You will have the most favor when Mars tours Leo, September 16 to November 11. Those will be your strongest, most golden weeks of 2011 - circle them in red! With Mars in your sign starting in mid-September, you will have ultimate control, so it is just as well Mercury retrograde will bring delays prior to that period, now, in August. Sit tight, and see if you can take a restful, lazy vacation where very little or nothing will be asked of you!

The full moon, August 13, will culminate feelings for a special relationship. You may promise your love, seal a business deal, or if you are not happy, you may bring things to an end, but only if you discover your partner was not being honest with you.

The month will end on a joyous note, when the new moon, August 30, brings a sudden opportunity to make more money. With Jupiter in your house of fame and honors, you've been racking up successes lately, and VIPs singled you out as a person to groom for higher responsibilities. It's time to collect more compensation for your excellent performance. As September opens, be ready to ask for your raise, or to negotiate for a salary in a new position. Mercury will no longer be retrograde by month's end, and with financial Pluto so beautifully angled to the new moon, it looks like you'll be thrilled when the answer you get for your raise is a simple, "Yes." By all means, ask!

Leo Dates to Note

Your most romantic dates: August 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, 13, 18, 22, 23, and 26-27 (gold stars).

Mercury will be retrograde August 2 to 26.

The first eight days of August will be Leo time! This comes thanks to the beautiful new moon in Leo, July 30. Live large, Leo!

Mars' tour of your twelfth house from August 3 to September 18 means you will play a strategic mode. Once you get to September 18, though, things change and it will be time to announce - and present - your work to the world.

The full moon on August 13 will bring a relationship to fullness within four days of this date. You might want to seal things to make it official, but wait until Mercury is direct, over the weekend of August 27-28 and beyond.

Certain co-workers may be out of control, plotting and scheming behind the scenes near August 11. When you find out, you may be shocked or jolted.

Someone you know and love may be confined in a rehab center, hospital, or other place of confinement in the weeks ahead. You'll be needed to bring your special brand of cheer.

The new moon August 28 will give you an extraordinary opportunity to bring in more salary. This is one of your best financial moments in years. Go out and find new sources of income!

A career reward may be due on August 18.

A project that you finish on or near August 29 will bring you applause and favor from VIPs

By Susan Miller

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Nutritional Healing: Creating Your World

Nutritional Healing: Creating Your World: "Proud to broadcast my accomplishments for the first half of the year: 1. Mastered the sub-conscious 2. Mastered dream symbology and meani..."

Creating Your World

Proud to broadcast my accomplishments for the first half of the year:

1. Mastered the sub-conscious
2. Mastered dream symbology and meanings
3. Healed many souls
4. Created a blog site providing Nutritional Healing
5. Created a you tube channel providing holistic teachings
6. Created the group “Nutritional Universal Balance” on Facebook
7. Became a host on Blog talk Radio show providing holistic remedies to heal holistically
8. Lectured at different holistic health settings
9. Sticking to my higher self
10.Created “The Herbal Cleanse”, which has been successfully reversing dietary illnesses
11. Strengthened my relationship with the COSMOS……

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Nutritional Healing: How To Properly Heal With Aromatherapy

Nutritional Healing: How To Properly Heal With Aromatherapy: "Aromatherapy is an ancient remedy used in holistic healing. It includes different types of concentrated herb and plant oils also known as e..."

How To Properly Heal With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an ancient remedy used in holistic healing. It includes different types of concentrated herb and plant oils also known as essential oils. The different therapeutic use of essential oils has a natural fragrance and unique healing effect.

Aromatherapy is very much successful simply because the molecules are so small that they can easily be absorbed through the pores of the skin, which then allows the oil to quickly enter the bloodstream and reach every part of the body. Treatments can be used by people of all ages (including babies) and states of health. Aromatherapy is most beneficial for relaxing the mind and body, relieving pain and assisting in physical and emotional health.

I recommend three simple techniques to approach when properly healing with aromatherapy. However, before applying these essential oils you must combine them with a light carrier oil. Due to the high concentration of essential oils along with how it may react to certain skin types, carrier oils are necessary. Carrier oils dilute essential oils and properly carry the treatment onto the skin.

Aromatherapy Techniques:

1. Massage
This technique of healing with is a massage treatment. This method is used for quickly getting the oils into the bloodstream. Use up to 5 drops of essential oil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil for adults, half that strength for children under seven, and a quarter of the strength for children under three. When massaging babies, lavender oil is my only recommendation.

2. Baths
This technique is best used for those experiencing nerve damage, dysfunction within psychological behavior and skin problems. Fill the bath with warm water. For adults add 5-10 drops of essential oil, use less than 4 drops for children over two, and 1 drop for babies. Carrier oils are not included in this technique. You will benefit from the heat of the water as it releases vapor and aides absorption into the skin.

3. Vaporizers
This technique is highly recommended for those experiencing breathing difficulties, chest problems, sinuses etc. I personally enjoy this method because it also neutralizes the energy of the room. Add water and 6-8 drops of oil to the vaporizer, or heat a combination of essential and carrier oil to a ceramic pot with a small candle lit underneath. You will definitely benefit from the aroma of the natural fragrance.

In addition to these techniques, I will like to recommend 13 master essential oils which are capable of healing your mind, body and soul.
• Lavender
• Geranium
• Clary Sage
• Frankincense
• Fennel
• Funegreek
• Juniper
• Rosemary
• Tea Tree
• Eucalyptus
• Sage
• Myrrh
• Valerian

I also recommend the following carrier oils:
• Sweet almond oil
• Avocado oil
• Coconut oil
• Grape seed oil
• Jojoba oil
• Olive oil
• Pumpkin seed oil
• Sunflower seed oil

All recommended carrier oils are multipurpose healers and are high in minerals that are compatible to the body which enhances the quality of the remedy. These oils itself are used to treat skin problems, hormonal imbalance, inflammation in joints and bones, stress etc.

Note: Regular treatments are necessary to rebalance body system from all illnesses.

For those that are experiencing dis-harmony and illnesses within the body, contact me to purchase specialize aromatherapy combinations. Prices vary according to illnesses.

For Nutritional Consultation, Health Assessments and other inquires contact:
Face book: Nutritional Healing

Magella Samory,
Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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Nutritional Healing: Holistic Remedies To Heal From Radiation

Nutritional Healing: Holistic Remedies To Heal From Radiation: "Holistic Remedies To Heal From RadiationGreetings,Many of us are currently living in cities that are 99% polluted, for this reason I came up..."

Holistic Remedies To Heal From Radiation

Holistic Remedies To Heal From Radiation
Many of us are currently living in cities that are 99% polluted, for this reason I came up with a simple list of useful remedies to prevent you and love ones from deadly radiation also known as LOW ELF WAVES.  In addition to this list, eating a proper rich diet high in nutrients/minerals will compliment your body and strengthen the immune system.  I must also include the importance of your thyroid gland.  This gland is located in your throat and is responsible for controlling the levels of cell activities within the body.  The thyroid gland must be properly functioning in order to work with the immune system.
1.       Kelp:
Number 1 recommended source of iodine according to me.
2.       Vitamin E:
Effective protector against poisons in polluted air and helps the liver in its detoxifying state.
3.       Lecithin:
Helps counteract the effect of radiation.
4.       Vitamin F:
Protects against harmful effects of x-rays.
5.       Pantothenic Acid:
Good source to boost the immune system.
6.       Brewer’s Yeast
1.       Red Raspberry
2.       Poke Root (green color if possible)
1.       Geranium Oil
2.       Lavender

*This is a quick guide to prevent Immune system attack.  Contact me for in depth details on healing remedies pertaining to radiation.
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Holistic Nutritionist,
Magella Samory , “The PiscesGuidance”

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Nutritional Healing: Women Fibroid Tumors

Nutritional Healing: Women Fibroid Tumors

Nutritional Healing: Holistic Remedies To Heal the Female Reproductive ...

Nutritional Healing: Holistic Remedies To Heal the Female Reproductive ...: "Holistic Approach on Fibroid TumorsMany of us have been mis-educated in terms of our health. Fibroid tumors and other dis-eases are ea..."

Women Fibroid Tumors

Holistic Remedies To Heal the Female Reproductive System

Holistic Approach on Fibroid Tumors
Many of us have been mis-educated in terms of our health.  Fibroid tumors and other dis-eases are easily prevented by eating natural, non-synthetic foods.  Providing your cells with nourishments and oxygen will tremendously aid in an acidic internal environment.  Below, I have provided holistic information regarding symptoms of uterine problems and natural alkaline herbs to strengthen the female reproductive system.
Symptoms of Fibroid tumors/ Uterine Problems:
·         Pain in shoulders, pelvic and back
·         Heartburn
·         Hormonal imbalance
·         Depression
·         Insomnia
·         Nerve damage
·         Bowel Syndrome occurs due to the close location of the rectum and uterus. As the uterus builds mucous, it affects nearby organs.
*The cells in the reproductive system are so sensitive causing symptoms to expand throughout your body.

Medical procedures that may result in tumors:
·         Sonograms
·         X-Rays
·         Mammograms
·         Heated foods in microwaves
*Being exposed to high levels of radiation causes the immune system to weaken. The above procedures are known to give rise to this condition.

Strengthening the female reproductive system requires an increase of blood/oxygen flow along with nourishment to the uterus. Natural Herbs/supplements that will aid in fibroid tumors are:
·         Red Raspberry (strengthen the uterus)
·         Dandelion
·         Burdock
·         Fever few ( reduces pain of tumor)
·         White Willow ( reduces pain of tumor)
·         Vitamin A (improves oxygen flow)
·         Zinc
·         B-complex(strengthens the immune system)
·         Juicing dark green vegetables aids in neutralizing acidic cells
·         Visit for a DEEP DETOX FORMULA.

*Eliminate Salt and Sugar, these substances deteriorates your organs and slows down blood flow throughout your body.

For Nutritional Consultation, Health Assessments, and other health inquires contact:
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Magella Samory,
Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nutritional Healing: How pure is your favorite bottle water? Pt2

Nutritional Healing: How pure is your favorite bottle water? Pt2: "Drinking water should be the main thing we do faithfully. Water is just as important as receiving oxygen for breathing. &nb..."

How pure is your favorite bottle water? Pt2

Drinking water should be the main thing we do faithfully.   Water is just as important as receiving oxygen for breathing.   However, we must be aware of the type of water we are drinking.  Different types can bring total destruction to our organs and enhance free radicals.  Free radicals are cells in your body that are incomplete and feed off of healthy cells to create more free radicals.  To prevent this reaction, you must eliminate toxic foods and drinks.
I demonstrated the Ph levels of different bottle waters to guide you in nutritional healing.  Ph stands for Potential Hydrogen or the activity of hydrogen and hydroxide ions in liquids.  The results proven were due to the levels of ions in the water.  Anything that have high levels of hydrogen ions, results in an acidic solution and high levels of hydroxide ions ion results in an alkaline solutions.   For this reason, the Ph of acidic solutions is low and incomplete, which serves little purpose to your body.  Alkaline solutions are the complete opposite.  These solutions are more compatible to the body and aides in replenishing your cells, which then results in a healthier and longer life.  Details below will provide you with more knowledge on balancing your mind, body and soul through water.
Acidic Water
Acidic water contains harmful chemicals such as lead, radon, mercury, fluoride and, arsenic, etc.  These chemicals leads to dehydration, poor blood circulation, immune system damage and toxic build up in your organs.  Examples of acidic water as proven are:
             Distilled Water
             Poland Spring
             Smart Water
             Any sparkling water
Alkaline Water:
Alkaline water reverses dis-harmony within the body and helps to replenish damage cells.  It aides in weight loss, constipation, kidney damage, diabetes, stress and other poor health issues.  Examples of Alkaline waters are:
             Kangen Water
             Evian Natural Spring
             Nestle Pure Life (neutral Ph)
             Iceland Natural Spring
             Eternal New Zealand
How Much Water Should You Drink?
The amount of water you should drink to prevent dehydration varies according to your weight. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water will save you from dehydration.  For Example, if you weigh 140pounds you need to drink at least 70 ounces of water.  This is very important and a simple key in maintaining health.
       Lemon and Water:
This combination has good and bad potentials.  The good aspect is that it cleanses your organs, stimulates digestion and aides bloating/gas.  This is all possible because the acid in lemon is highly present, thus the solution becomes acidic.  If this is your approach, be careful.  I must also include that I tested a sample of water and it was neutral, then I squeezed the lemon into it and it became acidic.
       Quartz Crystals:
Crystals are the most powerful and natural substances on earth.  They reverse energy from negative to positive, and if you know how to charge them, they work miracles.  Quartz Crystals have been proven to change the molecular structure of water, thus purifying it.  Soak your crystals in water for approximately 8 hours and keep them away from light as it works its magic.
       Power of Words:
Our body is made up of approximately 80% to 90% of water.  The water within us allows communication to flow throughout your organ systems.  Water is very sensitive to light, sound and words.  As you speak with positive and high vibrations, it will result in positive and higher actions.  The same applies to the water you drink, as you speak loving and positive words, the structure vibrates to that frequency.  This practice has been steady since ancient times and have been proven to heal and purify water.  Visit www. to see how this works.
Note:   Everything that you put in your body should contain your blessings.

For Nutritional Consultation, Health Assessments, Astrology/Numerology readings and other inquires contact:
Cell: 1 (646)-243-0233
Face book: Nutritional Healing

Magella Samory,
Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Connection Between Cow's Milk and Human Dis-eases

Many of us are drinking cow’s milk without total awareness of the toxins and bacteria that are built in this formula. It is genetically and chemically altered. . Cow’s milk goes through a process of pasteurization and homogenization, which is clearly labeled on the container. Pasteurization is a process in which liquids are heated to a specific temperature to prevent fermentation. The milk is not in its natural form and has been robbed of its nutritional value. Homogenization (homo=same) prevents cream from rising and extending shelf life. This process keeps dis-eases and viruses together. As we consume dairy foods these viruses will eventually attack tissues in our arteries and muscles. Also cow’s milk does not help with developing our body’s structure, and leads to health issues in infants.The highest peak of physical and mental development in children is from birth to the age of three, therefore proper nourishment during these stages will prevent dis-harmony and dis-ease in our  children.                                                                                               
Now let’s approach this holistically, a cow doesn’t produce human milk. Drinking cow's milk doesnt complement your body, and allows your cells to be dependent on another species as well as destruction of your organs, mucous throughout  your body, eczema , osteoporosis, asthma, and bowel. The facts listed will prove the connection between drinking milk and human dis-eases.

·      Casein, one of the main protiens found in milk is synthetic. It is the main ingredient found in glue, paint and plastic. It disrupts the immune system resulting in immune system damage and the overall dysfunction of mental and physical behavior.
·      Milk contains more than 144 chemicals/toxins due to the improper diet of cows and the abuse of hormone ingestion. As we over indulge in dairy intake this leads to dis-eases ranging from Leukemia, Breast cancer, Tuberculosis etc.
·      The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) allowed farmers throughout the 1900s to use pesticides to protect crops , one being DDT (Dichlor Diphynol Trichlor) which causes a toxic reaction to consumers, studies proved that milk is presently contaminated with pesticide approved by the FDA.
·      80% of lactating cows are pregnant, wherein high levels of progesterone are detected. This leads to hormonal imbalance and harmful medical conditions in humans.
·      Farmers/Factories treat cows with antibiotics to treat illnesses and dis-eases; hence this act leads to allergies and a decrease in immune system build up especially in growing children.
·     Milk contains artificial Vitamin D, which allows the industry to advertise fortified with Vitamin D.
·     Cows are injected with heavy drugs filled with viruses, the most deadly proteins being casein, lactalbumin,lactoglobulin etc.
·     The reason why many people especially the African American Nation are lactose intolerance is because the body doesn’t produce enough lactase (enzyme needed to digest lactose which is milk sugar) to properly digest milk production.
·     Cow’s milk has never been consumed by humans up until about 150yrs and this occurred only in the United States.

 Substitutions for Cow’s Milk:

·         Green vegetables
·         Coconut milk
·         Any nut milk (Almond, Brazil, Hazelnut etc)
·         Goat milk (for cross over purposes only, it is the closesest to human milk)
* When making milk from nuts, soak your nuts 6-8 hours prior, so your body can easily absorb the nutrients.
* Steam your greens to receive nutrients, greens high in calcium are broccoli, dandeliongreens, kale, collard greens etc.

I would like to include a personal message from me to all my readers, the African American Nation are the ones suffering most from eating foods with no nutritional value and drinking liquids that are artificially flavored. This nonchalant behavior must stop,  if you say u love yourself why are you constantly introducing toxins/dead substances to your body. There are so many ways to prevent dis harmony, however it starts from what you put in your mouth, so stay conscious of what you are consuming. It is extremely impossible for a calve to be fully nurtured if we are constantly consuming cow’s milk. Think about our newborns and growing children, would it be fair for someone to constantly suck on the mothers breast consuming all the milk leaving none for the baby, or secretly drugging the mother which will affect her hormones in producing milk.. How would our newborns be NATURALLY nurtured.. If u know better do better!!!!!!!


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Magella Samory,
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Proper Food Combination For Easier Digestion

This information has been drawn to you as a guide for approaching your health holistically.  What you eat affects how you think and how you think affects the choices that you make.  Therefore consuming the wrong foods will result in poor food choices.  Natural food influences energy levels within the physical body which directly relates to your spirit.  Daily consumption of  processed, junk and fast foods results in unbalanced and internal stress.  I am most fortunate to assist those in need for proper guidance of mental, physical and spiritual healing.

·        Alkaline Foods
·        Acid Foods
·        Proper Food Combination
·        Poor Food Combination

Alkaline Foods (Foods that strengthens and are nutritional to your internal organs):

·        Mushrooms
·        Sea Vegetables
·        Burdock
·        Mustard Greens
·        Broccoli
·        Collard Greens
·        Okra
·        Kale
·        Cabbage
·        Zucchini

·        Raspberry
·        Blueberry
·        Black Berry
·        Watermelons
·        Mango
·        Cantaloupe
·        Apples
·        Papaya
·        Peach
·        Nectarine

Acid Foods (Foods that causes mucous, toxic effect to the body and organs):

·        Spinach (slightly acidic must be balanced)
·        Tofu
·        Rice
·        Corn
·        Garlic
·        Olives
·        Potatoes
·        White bread
·        Pasta
·        Grits

* Animal proteins and dairy products are extremely acidic resulting in disharmony and dietary dis-eases.

Junk Food:
·        Soda
·        Concentrated sugars: maltose, fructose, corn syrup, honey, white sugar
·        White flour
·        Processed and packaged foods
·        Preservatives (ex;  MSG, food coloring, benzoate etc )
·        Mayonnaise
·        Soy Products
·        Cereal (which have artificial flavors)
·        Ice Cream

·        Plume
·        Cranberry
·        Prune
·        Date
·        Guava
·        Pineapple
·        Dried Fruit
·        Oranges

 Proper Food Combination:

Combine green vegetables with alkaline starches and proteins (aka fats).
·        Vegetables are listed under alkaline foods
·        Examples of starches: fresh peas, butternut squash, acorn, pumpkin etc.
·        Examples of Proteins: nuts, seeds, avocado, beans etc.

Note: Almonds and coconuts are naturally alkaline; however all nuts should be soaked overnight to ensure alkalinity.

Fruits digest quickly and should be combined properly eaten to prevent fermentation.
·        Melons should always be eaten alone 
·        Sub- acid fruits with acid and sweet fruits (acid refers to ph of the fruit)
·        Example of sub-acid fruits: apples, papaya, grapes, mangoes etc.
·        Example of acid fruits: grapefruits, pineapple, oranges etc.
·        Examples of sweet fruits: bananas, raisin, apricot etc.

* When drinking liquids, be sure to wait at least 15 minutes before and after eating.  Drinking liquids while eating foods causes improper food digestion, leading to dietary diseases.

Poor Food Combinations are:

·        Proteins (nuts, seeds) with starches (Bread, potatoes, pasta, yams, squash etc)
·        Proteins, starches, vegetables with fruits
·        Acid and sweet fruits
·        Melons and other fruits


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Magella Samory aka thepiscesguidance,
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