Tuesday, April 22, 2014

African Bush Herbs

Tim Morrow and Co Host Freedom El, interviews Nutritional Healing on University of Common Sense radio showNutritional Healing shares valuable information on how to properly heal yourself with natural herbs. She speaks on her experience of how she got started with her holistic life style, as well as the changes that her body went threw as a result of a healthier choice of food. This show has been brought to you to assist the audience on their path to optimum health...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ancient Spiritual Detox

                                                 COST $25

The Eliminator, native to the people of West Africa, is used as a spiritual detox, which is successful in blocking jealous spirits, removing obstacles and negative energy from your path.
The eliminator immediately removes mucous and toxins from the body by sneezing, coughing and teary eyes.
This is a spiritual detox for all those who would like a spiritual cleanse.

Please visit  www.paypal.com for payment process. You must create a paypal account to ensure security on both parties. Upon completion select Send money, my email address samoryshealing@gmail.com. Put in the TOTAL cost of your order, including a $7.95 shipping and handling fee. The question What are you sending money for will appear,  select  I'm paying for goods and services.  Please be sure to write your name, herbs and proper address for shipment. This information should be written in the message box as you process your order
For all international clients please confirm shipping cost before finalizing your purchase. 

For more details please contact:
Email: samoryshealing@gmail.com