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The Connection Between Cow's Milk and Human Dis-eases

Many of us are drinking cow’s milk without total awareness of the toxins and bacteria that are built in this formula. It is genetically and chemically altered. . Cow’s milk goes through a process of pasteurization and homogenization, which is clearly labeled on the container. Pasteurization is a process in which liquids are heated to a specific temperature to prevent fermentation. The milk is not in its natural form and has been robbed of its nutritional value. Homogenization (homo=same) prevents cream from rising and extending shelf life. This process keeps dis-eases and viruses together. As we consume dairy foods these viruses will eventually attack tissues in our arteries and muscles. Also cow’s milk does not help with developing our body’s structure, and leads to health issues in infants.The highest peak of physical and mental development in children is from birth to the age of three, therefore proper nourishment during these stages will prevent dis-harmony and dis-ease in our  children.                                                                                               
Now let’s approach this holistically, a cow doesn’t produce human milk. Drinking cow's milk doesnt complement your body, and allows your cells to be dependent on another species as well as destruction of your organs, mucous throughout  your body, eczema , osteoporosis, asthma, and bowel. The facts listed will prove the connection between drinking milk and human dis-eases.

·      Casein, one of the main protiens found in milk is synthetic. It is the main ingredient found in glue, paint and plastic. It disrupts the immune system resulting in immune system damage and the overall dysfunction of mental and physical behavior.
·      Milk contains more than 144 chemicals/toxins due to the improper diet of cows and the abuse of hormone ingestion. As we over indulge in dairy intake this leads to dis-eases ranging from Leukemia, Breast cancer, Tuberculosis etc.
·      The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) allowed farmers throughout the 1900s to use pesticides to protect crops , one being DDT (Dichlor Diphynol Trichlor) which causes a toxic reaction to consumers, studies proved that milk is presently contaminated with pesticide approved by the FDA.
·      80% of lactating cows are pregnant, wherein high levels of progesterone are detected. This leads to hormonal imbalance and harmful medical conditions in humans.
·      Farmers/Factories treat cows with antibiotics to treat illnesses and dis-eases; hence this act leads to allergies and a decrease in immune system build up especially in growing children.
·     Milk contains artificial Vitamin D, which allows the industry to advertise fortified with Vitamin D.
·     Cows are injected with heavy drugs filled with viruses, the most deadly proteins being casein, lactalbumin,lactoglobulin etc.
·     The reason why many people especially the African American Nation are lactose intolerance is because the body doesn’t produce enough lactase (enzyme needed to digest lactose which is milk sugar) to properly digest milk production.
·     Cow’s milk has never been consumed by humans up until about 150yrs and this occurred only in the United States.

 Substitutions for Cow’s Milk:

·         Green vegetables
·         Coconut milk
·         Any nut milk (Almond, Brazil, Hazelnut etc)
·         Goat milk (for cross over purposes only, it is the closesest to human milk)
* When making milk from nuts, soak your nuts 6-8 hours prior, so your body can easily absorb the nutrients.
* Steam your greens to receive nutrients, greens high in calcium are broccoli, dandeliongreens, kale, collard greens etc.

I would like to include a personal message from me to all my readers, the African American Nation are the ones suffering most from eating foods with no nutritional value and drinking liquids that are artificially flavored. This nonchalant behavior must stop,  if you say u love yourself why are you constantly introducing toxins/dead substances to your body. There are so many ways to prevent dis harmony, however it starts from what you put in your mouth, so stay conscious of what you are consuming. It is extremely impossible for a calve to be fully nurtured if we are constantly consuming cow’s milk. Think about our newborns and growing children, would it be fair for someone to constantly suck on the mothers breast consuming all the milk leaving none for the baby, or secretly drugging the mother which will affect her hormones in producing milk.. How would our newborns be NATURALLY nurtured.. If u know better do better!!!!!!!


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Proper Food Combination For Easier Digestion

This information has been drawn to you as a guide for approaching your health holistically.  What you eat affects how you think and how you think affects the choices that you make.  Therefore consuming the wrong foods will result in poor food choices.  Natural food influences energy levels within the physical body which directly relates to your spirit.  Daily consumption of  processed, junk and fast foods results in unbalanced and internal stress.  I am most fortunate to assist those in need for proper guidance of mental, physical and spiritual healing.

·        Alkaline Foods
·        Acid Foods
·        Proper Food Combination
·        Poor Food Combination

Alkaline Foods (Foods that strengthens and are nutritional to your internal organs):

·        Mushrooms
·        Sea Vegetables
·        Burdock
·        Mustard Greens
·        Broccoli
·        Collard Greens
·        Okra
·        Kale
·        Cabbage
·        Zucchini

·        Raspberry
·        Blueberry
·        Black Berry
·        Watermelons
·        Mango
·        Cantaloupe
·        Apples
·        Papaya
·        Peach
·        Nectarine

Acid Foods (Foods that causes mucous, toxic effect to the body and organs):

·        Spinach (slightly acidic must be balanced)
·        Tofu
·        Rice
·        Corn
·        Garlic
·        Olives
·        Potatoes
·        White bread
·        Pasta
·        Grits

* Animal proteins and dairy products are extremely acidic resulting in disharmony and dietary dis-eases.

Junk Food:
·        Soda
·        Concentrated sugars: maltose, fructose, corn syrup, honey, white sugar
·        White flour
·        Processed and packaged foods
·        Preservatives (ex;  MSG, food coloring, benzoate etc )
·        Mayonnaise
·        Soy Products
·        Cereal (which have artificial flavors)
·        Ice Cream

·        Plume
·        Cranberry
·        Prune
·        Date
·        Guava
·        Pineapple
·        Dried Fruit
·        Oranges

 Proper Food Combination:

Combine green vegetables with alkaline starches and proteins (aka fats).
·        Vegetables are listed under alkaline foods
·        Examples of starches: fresh peas, butternut squash, acorn, pumpkin etc.
·        Examples of Proteins: nuts, seeds, avocado, beans etc.

Note: Almonds and coconuts are naturally alkaline; however all nuts should be soaked overnight to ensure alkalinity.

Fruits digest quickly and should be combined properly eaten to prevent fermentation.
·        Melons should always be eaten alone 
·        Sub- acid fruits with acid and sweet fruits (acid refers to ph of the fruit)
·        Example of sub-acid fruits: apples, papaya, grapes, mangoes etc.
·        Example of acid fruits: grapefruits, pineapple, oranges etc.
·        Examples of sweet fruits: bananas, raisin, apricot etc.

* When drinking liquids, be sure to wait at least 15 minutes before and after eating.  Drinking liquids while eating foods causes improper food digestion, leading to dietary diseases.

Poor Food Combinations are:

·        Proteins (nuts, seeds) with starches (Bread, potatoes, pasta, yams, squash etc)
·        Proteins, starches, vegetables with fruits
·        Acid and sweet fruits
·        Melons and other fruits


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Magella Samory aka thepiscesguidance,
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