Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Truth About Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic pancreas dis-ease due to dietary illnesses. The pancreas is a gland in the digestive system highly concentrated with polysaccharide cells known as starch with double function. Its functions include secretion of digestive enzymes that buffers acidic food and secretion of insulin which regulates glucose concentration. Glucose is a common sugar found in our body’s cells, specifically in the liver, muscle and tissues.   It provides the body and organs with energy and nutrients during cellular respiration and digestion; however this process is only possible with insulin secretion.                                                                                                        
During the 1900’s, farmers throughout the US were using a new government recommended chemical pesticide called DDT (Dichlor Diphynol Trichlor). DDT was used to protect crops from an insect called “Boll Weevil”, however it did not affect this insect. DDT accumulates in the ecosystems and has toxic effects on humans, animals, plants and “certain” insects that ingest this chemical. It decays slowly and takes a long time to appear, causing diabetes to slowly develop. After the 1940’s, health conditions among African Americans started deteriorating. Studies linked pesticides to diabetes and other arising dis-eases. In addition to that cows, chickens, sheep’s, hogs etc, were fed grains with poisonous pesticides. Furthermore, DDT was banned in the 1970’s due to increasing dietary illnesses, yet a large percentage was legally allowed in milk. The question is if these government recommended pesticides were causing such a health hazard, why wouldn’t it be banned completely? For this reason, diabetes has become a genetic trait as well as being  present  in dairy products.
Nevertheless, diabetes is also the result of a junk food diet mainly consisting of concentrated sugars and carbohydrates. During the process of producing a concentrated sugar, it is stripped and robbed from its natural form and bleached with chemicals that use pork by-products.  Because of this, one may consider sugar and salt a drug. By definition, a drug is any man-made substance that is introduced to the body which alters its natural form.  These foods are often addictive and affect the reaction of the central nervous system, including the mind and body. As it enters your body, it will try to restore what the concentrated food has been robbed from. This condition starves the cells of energy and nutrients causing your organs to do extra work.  This leads to dis-eases such as kidney failure, Glaucoma, heart failure, amputations, blindness nerve damage etc. When the body is not provided with proper nutrition, you tend to make poor food choices because of chemicals in processed foods. This causes one to gain weight leading to obesity and crucial health issues.
Todays, people have better access to food, however they eat more processed foods, omit whole foods, lack exercise which leads to bad health and stress. Nevertheless, one can reduce the risk of diabetes with proper food choices and physical activities.
• Nearly 6 million people in the United States are unaware and suffer from diabetes with no symptoms.
• Before the 1940’s diabetes was rare among African American, however there are more African American on dialysis than any other race and is the 3rd leading cause of death among Africans in America.
• Sugar is used to hide the bad taste of chemical foods being sprayed with pesticides and herbicides.
• The number of people with diabetes is expected to reach 250million by 2025.
• Sugar is the leading cause of blindness in the USA.
 Salt makes you crave sugar, and vice versa.
• Diabetes is the 4th biggest cause of death worldwide.
• Fish in fresh water and oceans are gradually being poisoned by a variety of pesticides and herbicides leading to diabetes.
• Diabetes raises the sufferer’s risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease which is the number 1 cause of death in the industrial world will soon be the number 1 cause of death globally.

Foods that contribute to diabetes and dis-ease to your organs are:
• Soda
• Soft drinks
• Candy
• Concentrated sugars: maltose, fructose, corn syrup, honey, white sugar
• White flour
• Processed carbohydrates: packaged foods, meat, cookies, crackers
• Ketchup
• Mayonnaise
• Mustard
• Tobacco
• Cereal (which have artificial flavors)
• White bread, pasta, rice, grits, potatoes
• Beer wine
• Dairy products
Tip: Everything that has been bleached has been robbed of its original state of providing nutrients to your body, and anything that is sweet cause’s addiction.

Treatments and recommendations:
 Bilberry extract:  “Nature’s Way”
• Gymnem  Sylvestre:   “Natrol”
 Bitter melon: “Solaray”
 Vanadyl Sulfate: (mineral that includes all the above)
• Natures secret “Craveless”: this will chemically reduce the craving of sugar
• Natools “Cravex”: this will chemically reduce the craving of salt
• Craveless & aw slim: this combination itself heals diabetes
for more holistic healing and herbs
Kidneys (if on dialysis):
• Thuja Leaf, “turtle  island”
• Golden Rod flowering top extract, “turtle island”
• Sarsaparilla, “solar”

Note: I am not a medical doctor and take no responsibility in the misuse of herbs/supplements.  The knowledge provided to you is for beneficial and educational purposes only. Please share this article with friends/family and those that will benefit and gain wisdom

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