Monday, August 27, 2012

Affordable Holistic Healing with the PiscesGuidance


I, Magella Samory is "The Pisces Guidance" also known as  Nutritional Healing. It is with great pleasure to further assist you reach your goal of health and healing.  It is not by coincidence that you are choosing this path to heal and as a result your spirit has led you to receiving affordable everlasting healing.  My mission as a Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Spiritual Healer is to guide and contribute to your path of ascension and harmony within.  My goal is to provide our nation with valuable teachings in order to evolve from mucous forming foods and low vibrations.   Internal disharmony is the leading symptoms of Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, Emotional Stress, Prostate Cancer, Fibroid Tumors, Mood Swings, Psychological, Physiological Disorders etc. My energy exchange has successfully enhanced and awakened the lives of many people suffering from non-nutritional foods and spiritual disharmony.  

I am based in NYC, for in person consultations.  However services can be  provided via emails and phone. 

Holistic Health Assessment $150 

• This is a holistic approach which identifies internal dis-eases. The holistic assessment offers clients with  an accurate interpretation and conditions of your entire Organ Systems. This includes the PH (Potential Hydrogen) of the right and left side of the body and the health stages of your organs.  As a result symptoms related to chronic dietary illnesses will be detected. Assessment can only be provided in person. 

 Nutritional Consultation $120 

 • Nutritional consultations enables clients to get a better overstanding of  chronic symptoms which the population has been experiencing, mainly relating to the digestive system and how to reverse these symptoms via alkaline food and proper food combination. This service has been recognized as a Nutrition 1 on 1 session. Within this consultation I educate clients on their diets and provide my clients with vital tools in obtaining optimum health.  

Urinalysis Assessment $50 

Simple urinalysis, which detects dis-eases that have gone unnoticed.  Also testing for 

 • Glucose

 • Bilirubin 
 • Ketone 
 • Kidney damage 
 • Proper circulation and condition of hemoglobin within red blood cells 
 • Urobilinogen 
 • Nitrates 
 • Leukocytes 
 ~This service comes with a mini remedy consultation

 Astrology & Numerology $25 to $50 

 • An ancient method that is used to decode your destiny in life.  This unique reading gives you a sense of balance and recognition of your higher self.  Do you have un answered questions such as: What is my purpose in life?  What is the occult energy within my birth name?  What will the years to come hold for me? Is he or she my true soul mate?   If YES is your answer, know that it will be dissected during this session.  Our ancestors understood that numbers hold a frequency and a true story.  So what’s your numbers?

 Aromatherapy $30 to $55 

 • Aromatherapy is an ancient remedy used in holistic healing. It  technique includes the chemistry of herb and plant oils which are very much successful simply because the molecules are so small and can be easily absorbed through the pores of the skin.  This allows the treatment to quickly enter the bloodstream and reach every part of the body.  Treatments can be used by people of all ages (including babies) and state of health.  Aromatherapy is most beneficial for relaxing the mind and body, relieving pain and assisting in physical and emotional health.

For those whom are not NYC residence and are interested in scheduling a consultation please confirm date and time with me via email or phone. Once a date has been confirmed, create a paypal account (www.paypal.comfor payment process. When you have created an account, click on buy, then select "make a payment". Put in the TOTAL cost of the consultation you've selected. In addition, Please be sure to write your full name and date of confirmed consultation. This information should be written in the message box as you process your order...  

For more details please contact:
Tel: 646-243-0233 (between 10am-6pm)