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Nutritional Healing: How pure is your favorite bottle water? Pt2

Nutritional Healing: How pure is your favorite bottle water? Pt2: "Drinking water should be the main thing we do faithfully. Water is just as important as receiving oxygen for breathing. &nb..."

How pure is your favorite bottle water? Pt2

Drinking water should be the main thing we do faithfully.   Water is just as important as receiving oxygen for breathing.   However, we must be aware of the type of water we are drinking.  Different types can bring total destruction to our organs and enhance free radicals.  Free radicals are cells in your body that are incomplete and feed off of healthy cells to create more free radicals.  To prevent this reaction, you must eliminate toxic foods and drinks.
I demonstrated the Ph levels of different bottle waters to guide you in nutritional healing.  Ph stands for Potential Hydrogen or the activity of hydrogen and hydroxide ions in liquids.  The results proven were due to the levels of ions in the water.  Anything that have high levels of hydrogen ions, results in an acidic solution and high levels of hydroxide ions ion results in an alkaline solutions.   For this reason, the Ph of acidic solutions is low and incomplete, which serves little purpose to your body.  Alkaline solutions are the complete opposite.  These solutions are more compatible to the body and aides in replenishing your cells, which then results in a healthier and longer life.  Details below will provide you with more knowledge on balancing your mind, body and soul through water.
Acidic Water
Acidic water contains harmful chemicals such as lead, radon, mercury, fluoride and, arsenic, etc.  These chemicals leads to dehydration, poor blood circulation, immune system damage and toxic build up in your organs.  Examples of acidic water as proven are:
             Distilled Water
             Poland Spring
             Smart Water
             Any sparkling water
Alkaline Water:
Alkaline water reverses dis-harmony within the body and helps to replenish damage cells.  It aides in weight loss, constipation, kidney damage, diabetes, stress and other poor health issues.  Examples of Alkaline waters are:
             Kangen Water
             Evian Natural Spring
             Nestle Pure Life (neutral Ph)
             Iceland Natural Spring
             Eternal New Zealand
How Much Water Should You Drink?
The amount of water you should drink to prevent dehydration varies according to your weight. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water will save you from dehydration.  For Example, if you weigh 140pounds you need to drink at least 70 ounces of water.  This is very important and a simple key in maintaining health.
       Lemon and Water:
This combination has good and bad potentials.  The good aspect is that it cleanses your organs, stimulates digestion and aides bloating/gas.  This is all possible because the acid in lemon is highly present, thus the solution becomes acidic.  If this is your approach, be careful.  I must also include that I tested a sample of water and it was neutral, then I squeezed the lemon into it and it became acidic.
       Quartz Crystals:
Crystals are the most powerful and natural substances on earth.  They reverse energy from negative to positive, and if you know how to charge them, they work miracles.  Quartz Crystals have been proven to change the molecular structure of water, thus purifying it.  Soak your crystals in water for approximately 8 hours and keep them away from light as it works its magic.
       Power of Words:
Our body is made up of approximately 80% to 90% of water.  The water within us allows communication to flow throughout your organ systems.  Water is very sensitive to light, sound and words.  As you speak with positive and high vibrations, it will result in positive and higher actions.  The same applies to the water you drink, as you speak loving and positive words, the structure vibrates to that frequency.  This practice has been steady since ancient times and have been proven to heal and purify water.  Visit www. to see how this works.
Note:   Everything that you put in your body should contain your blessings.

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