Thursday, October 31, 2013

Foods & Other Remedies To Rid Offensive Vaginal Odor

Greetings my beloved ones,

I came across this article and decided to share this information to help sisters who are experiencing offensive vaginal odor.  The article provides their readers with easy to do remedies.  The most  important suggestion amongst them all, in my opinion is the change of diet.  Sisters we must begin to accept that unnatural, hybrid, dead foods that we consume accumulates toxins and bacteria.  As a result the body, provides you with symptoms which allows you to become aware of the internal change by offensive vaginal odor,  pain during urination or unusual texture and color of discharge. Besides food, I would also like to include the careless act of having sexual intercourse with different partners.  Sisters, our womb is heaven, so treat it as such.  Our vagina is a muscle organ, which like a sponge absorbs all things. Understand that during sexual intercourse, our vagina absorbs the energy of your partner.  Therefore, if a man disrespects woman, feels hopeless about life, never healed from a tragic situation, is an abuser of drugs and you allow this man into your heaven, my beloved sister you will absorb his physical emotions and and internal chemistry.  As a result you may begin to act the same way.  This is the power of the vagina, so treat your womb with respect or remain in a state of holistic illness...

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Yours Truly,
Magella Samory
Holistic Nutritional Consultant


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    1. Give Thanks, I appreciate your feed back... Feed back makes me happy love it, appreciate it....