Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beware Of Canola Oil


Canola oil is hybrid.  It is genetically engineered between a canola plant, which is unnatural and a rapeseed plant.  The origin of its name also symbolizes hybridization, where the first three letters CAN comes from Canada, the O from oil, L from low and A from acid.  This is proving within itself that this oil, although low in fat contains acid, which is known to be harmful to the body.


As we seek knowledge and proper education on food, we tend to refrain ourselves from the genetically modified foods.  These particular foods, as we know are capable of altering our Dna as well as weakening our immune system.  However, regarding canola oil and its genetic makeup IT IS TOXIC, SO STAY AWAY.  Due to the presence of the rapeseed plant which is concentrated with erucic acid, when you consume canola oil it will eventually begin to deteriorate your tissues as it provides a poisonous effects to both humans and animals. 


Many people who use this oil silently suffer from toxins in the blood stream as a result of low usage of  Canola oil.

~ Samory's Teachings

Magella Samory
Holistic Nutritional Consultant

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  1. What you wrote is very informative but I would like to add that anything in excess can cause harmful effects to the body so instead of completely boycotting it we should reduce its usage.