Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Healing Herbs Of Dakar,Senegal

All products are non-hybrid , powerful detoxing herbs from the natural plants of Saloum (forest of Senegal)

New Products:


Fibroid Tumor Treatment


This remedy is used to shrink fibroids until it has successfully left the body. 
Directions : Boil 1 liter of distilled boiling water and pour it over the tree barks.  
Let it settle for 15 mins and begin to drink. 
Drink this remedy 3x per day, morning, afternoon and night. (One package is good for two weeks). 
In addition to this treatment, eliminate white sugar, salt, starch and yeast. 
These particular foods are what feeds the tumor, so one should maintain an plant base diet to break up the fibroid. 

I recommend that all those experiencing fibroids start off with a one month treatment, which would cost you $60.

P.S I know that if you remain consistent and dedicated for 3 months with the above information you will heal yourself from Fibroids. 

Central Nervous System Cleanse
Name: Electricfiyah 1 & 2
Ingredient: Thaikhate & Dueneuguideuk
Repair brain functions by removing mucus and toxins within the blood stream veins and CNS                                   
Allows proper blood circulation throughout your body
Repairs each internal organ 
Reverses low energy
Reverses insecurity
Heals hemorrhoids
Super food 


Liver Detox
Name: Pineal
Ingredient: Fayar 
Repairs liver cells
Removes toxins  from blood stream
Reverses mood swings
Regulate digestive organs
Reverses jaundice
Reverses Liver cirrhosis
Aid in gall bladder functions   

Colon Cleanse
Name: Orgon
Ingredient: Laydour
Removes toxins within cell nucleus & membrane
Removes un-eliminated foods within the digestive tract
Reverses constipation by regulating bowel movements
Removes toxins from the blood stream
Reverses low energy
Reverses depression

Skin Detox/ Care
Name: Aura Shine
Ingredient: Ndokhousiti                                                             
Reverses skin infection such as urticaria, eczema, acne, rashes & measles
Rids the circulatory system of toxins
Repair skin  cells


High Blood Pressure Treatment
Name: Blood Flow 
Ingredient: Multi healing non hybrid plants
Reverses high blood pressure and high cholesterol
Reduces Fats in blood 
Improves blood circulation



Reversing Diabetes
Name: Yin
Ingredient: Nebedaaye
Senegal's Moringa
Main function:  Assist in Reverses Diabetes                             
Repairs pancreas cells                                            
Lowers sugar levels                                                                    
Aids in liver and kidney function

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  1. Ella Samory is the REAL DEAL! She is so sweet, informative, and very professional. She answered my e-mails very quickly. Her site is also full of helpful information. I can't wait to receive my order. ((:

    1. @Dianne I dearly appreciate your feedback regarding your experiance with me..As a young, professional business woman my main goal is to remain dedicated to my clients needs and health goals.... I thank you for your support and time.. :)

  2. I truly appreciate your work! As a young woman of color, I find it refreshing to do business with another that looks like me. I had initially thought Miss Samory would be too busy to answer my questions, but that was not the case. I explained to her my ailment, and she responded the same day, not only with a suggested product, but with a life plan, a plan that leads towards optimal health. She was very knowledgeable about the body and its functions. This helped to put my mind at ease.

    My order arrived before schedule. I was extremely excited about that. She answered any question I had even after the purchase. She was detailed about the dosage, in order to fit my personal situation. Overall, this was a great experience. I will continue to use these herbs to fine tune my temple. Thank you!

  3. Ella Samory"s herbs that i have used orgon, pineal, vision, and eliminator all work great for me.Samory's herbs are sent promptly also. Ella is helpful in assisting in the proper use of the herbs and seems very knowledgeable about them. I explained my problem to Samory and she guided me to the proper herbs to take and their use. I can not wait to use aura shine. Al

  4. I am currently in Senegal and would like a chance to meet with you. Is this possible?

  5. Siar nala Ella Samory, I would like to speak with you, is this where to contact you? I pray to hear back from you , Brother Serigne Saliou