Thursday, July 11, 2013

Medicinal Cabinet....

Before I explain what the above resources are,  along with their healing properties, I would like to first mention that our body's genetic makeup is composed of natural elements and minerals.  I personally know that if we maintain a sufficient amount of natural minerals within our body, this will result in longevity..
In the above picture is what is known as my medicinal cabinet.  Starting with the front row, in the center you see etherium gold.  Gold is a natural mineral within the body, which is used for holistic purification, brain function and is a excellent stress reliever.  I add this particular gold powder in my water or put a small portion on the tip of my tongue before bed .  This helps me to unite with my higher self..
On the left of the etherium gold is geranium.  Geranium is an essential oil used in aromatherapy which  brings the spiritual and physical at a state of balance.  It's also an overall digestive system tonic and assist in inflammation.  I personally use geranium for it's uplifting and balancing effect.
Towards your left there's ylang ylang, which is also an essential oil used in aromatherapy.  What I love most about ylang ylang is its natural scent and pleasant, comfortable feeling.  Ylang ylang healing properties mainly focuses on the nervous system,  depression and anxiety.
Behind that are holistic detoxing herbs called bio1 & bio 2 which are products of the figtree.  As stated on the label "the electric cell food", which is the correct definition of these herbs.  From experience after two complete servings, I started eliminating waste, which was pulled from all parts of my body.  What is unique about these herbs is that it also feeds and rejuvenate your cells.
Next to the detox you see two bottles of Maya, which are also from the fig tree.  The Maya is an excellent source of iron.  Those who are anemic or have low blood pressure will benefit of off the use of maya.  Overall, from experience the maya is a reliable blood tonic which nourishes the entire body and relieves stress.
On the right of the maya is sea moss powder, another product of the figtree.  This is my daily intake of  minerals.  I use this powder frequently in live juices,  smoothies and also as a tea.  This particular powder has a high mineral content.
In front of the sea moss is colloidal defense which I occasionally use to strengthen my immune system.
On the left of the colloidal is an essential oil called lavender, used in aromatherapy.  I use lavender oil for relaxing purposes and mainly burn this oil to receive a soothing aroma during meditation.
On the left of lavender oil is lemongrass, an essential oil used in aromatherapy.  It has a very strong citrus scent which automatically brings you to a state of tranquility.  I personally love it's scent and effect.  I usually put 3 drops in my bath water and allow it to repair my nervous system.
                                                                                                                                                                                ~Samory's teachings

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